The Hamster Wheel Makes One More Spin…

This last Friday, as a part of a “clean-up” effort at work, I inventoried lesson plans, primary resources and videos developed for the teaching resources website that I coordinate for the academic library where I work. In addition to the primary site, we also had posted the best videos on You Tube, including an interview of my husband about his archaeological research. His video received a fair number of hits for such an esoteric subject, but it had only been “liked” and chosen as a “favorite” by one person – two weeks ago. Can you guess who? I didn’t need to guess, I have been the site administrator for a year, so I looked. Yep, it was the Other Woman. Not only this, but five days ago, she created her own public You Tube channel with 2 videos – “Charlie Bit My Finger” and the video of my husband.

My emotions have been all over the place. The image of her watching a 4 minute video of J over and over, while he talks about his work made me both sad and sick at my stomach. Mostly, and as silly as it sounds, I was outraged – this is actually a part of MY work. The affair infringed enough on my personal life – it should not be a part of my WORK life as well. I realized later that I was also feeling powerless. The affair has been over for 1 1/2 years, and we have worked through it, but it just won’t go away. She intruded several weeks ago on a long time friendship, and now she is intruding on my work life. How long are things going to keep popping up and slapping me in the face? And am I crazy for even caring?


2 comments on “The Hamster Wheel Makes One More Spin…

  1. blackwatertown says:

    What an unpleasant surprise.
    About the course you developed – would it be possible to save the information in case you want to use or reversion again in the future. Seems a shame to lose all your hard work without the chance to get a bit more value out of it if the opportunity arises.

    • Devon says:

      I have the entire content backed up on DVD and the department has it backed up on the server….but I don’t see an opportunity to use it again anytime soon – and material on the web needs to stay current 🙂

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